Astronomy Research

C/2014 J1 (CATALINA) MPEC 2014-K04

My start in astronomy research began while I was taking evening classes at Mesa Community college.

For a semester “term” project, I created a PHP web app that mapped out known galaxies in the universe, based on 2MASS data.

The webapp allowed users to select the number of galaxies displayed by magnitude, and some very interesting patterns were revealed.

Shown below are a few interesting images from my 2MASS webapp:

What is really cool about this project, is that an unexpected result of the plots shows the large-scale structure of the universe!

During my time at ASU, I was hired on as an undergraduate Research Assistant, where I worked on a small radio telescope project, observed distant binary stars with several telescopes in Arizona, and published two research papers on eclipsing binary stars:
1.) IBVS 6030 (2012)  2.) IBVS 6054 (2013)

While working on my graduate degree at UND, I worked to build 3-D models of binary star systems using the Wilson-Devinney code. Two of the binary systems in IBVS 6054 showed some peculiarities in their lightcurve data, making them ideal modeling candidates.



You can view the asteroids and near-Earth objects (including comets) that I discovered as part of the Catalina Sky Survey in the spreadsheet below: